North Carolina Republican Congressman and practicing surgeon Rep. Greg Murphy joins Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla to discuss the CDC’s recently updated COVID-19 Guidelines, which are now the same for both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, and what it means for Americans.

“How absolutely asinine it is that the powers that be from the CDC to hospital administrations to whoever, have not even recognized natural immunity. And the fact that we know that, you know, if you look at a study, I believe it was in the New England Journal about two months ago, showed that people with two booster shots, or with two vaccines, pretty much had minimal, minimal defense against this virus. But those who had had COVID or plus or minus the vaccine, the vaccine gave them more. But if they’d had COVID, they still at least had higher protection than they had if they just said two of the vaccine shots. So it is there. And we’ve said all along, this is going to be part of our general viral flora, if you will, which is like the common cold, it’s going to be here. So we need to continue to learn to live with it rather than to keep running from it. Stop firing people. Stop taking people out of the military if they don’t want to get vaccinated.”