The White House TRIED to mess with semantics but however they try to redefine it, we are officially entering into economic doom!

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Well folks we are officially entering a recession, though Biden and friends refuse to call it that.

Fact is, we just had two consecutive quarters of a shrinking economy and whether the Democrats want to admit it or not, that’s the receipt for RECESSION!

Falling GDP cannot be painted into a rosy picture, guys, that’s not how it works!

Blame record inflation, blame higher interest rates, blame the man some of you elected into office in 2020!

Still Biden’s solution to this mess is… the way we got into this mess! Runaway spending plus tax hikes plus increased regulation doesn’t get us anywhere, it plunges us further into the RED!

But speaking of RED, Democrats and Republicans alike better hope and pray for that November red wave. Without it we are going to have to start redefining a lot of things, like paying bills and putting food on the table!

We can’t spend OR tax our way out of this problem. Government doesn’t need to get any bigger, the government under Democrats has done enough damage as it is!

And P.S.- the LAST thing we should be allocating money to is “climate change!”

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