Rugby Players Boycott over Pride Jerseys

Several Australian rugby stars are boycotting an upcoming game over pride-themed team jerseys.

Why does the LGBTQ message have to be pushed on everyone?

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After it was announced players on the Aussie rugby team “The Manly Sea Eagles” would be wearing pride-themed jerseys in a public display of “LGBTQ” inclusion, 7 players opted out in protest.

These 7 players advised club officials that wearing a pride jersey would go against their religious and cultural beliefs.

And unlike many coaches in American sports leagues, their coach respected the decision and had his player’s backs, saying he respected their convictions and beliefs.

Wow, what a concept!

Players on any team, in any country, in any sport shouldn’t be required to wear political symbols that don’t fit their religious views.

Why does everything have to be politicized? Can’t these rugby players just play rugby, for goodness sakes?!

Furthermore, pride, gender identity and sexual preferences are a PERSONAL thing. Why does everyone need to validate it with a rainbow?

Live your life, but don’t force others to rubber stamp your lifestyle for you! Just be you and leave people alone!

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