On this episode,  Jason shares his thoughts on the Biden Administrations’ dismal approval ratings and what this means for Democratic candidates in the Fall Midterms and 2024 Presidential election. He then highlights the unique, sharing a story on a man from Milan’s rare and noteworthy Pepsi can collection. Jason then brings on the stupid, reflecting on First Lady Jill Biden’s comment comparing the uniqueness of the Latino community to breakfast tacos, as well as LeBron James’ public disapproval of the U.S. Government’s efforts to ensure Britney Griner’s release.

Later, Jason sits down with the CEO of the American Legislative Exchange Council, Lisa Nelson to discuss her remarkable career in limited government, free markets, and federalism. Lisa reflects on her experience working at AOL and on Capitol Hill, where she served as the Public Affairs Liaison for the U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Later, Jason picks Lisa’s brain to hear her perspective on the evolution of government, as a key thinker on the subject.

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