TikTok Bye-bye?!

The FCC is calling for TikTok to be removed from Apple and Google app stores.

Imagine how much smarter, present and private we’d all be if TikTok went bye-bye!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

A member of the FCC is once again asking app stores to remove TikTok from its platforms citing national security concerns. TikTik platform conduct also runs afoul of App Store policies!

Data harvesting, surveillance of users and breaches of personal and sensitive information are certainly cause for concern, teeny boppers!

TikTok is owned by a Chinese company that answers to the Chinese communist Party. The CCP doesn’t give a hoot about privacy rights or data protection.

Sure, we have our concerns with American-based big tech but those concerns are crumbs compared to what the Chinese Communist Party is capable of!

TikTok is also annoying as heck and may be the single biggest contributor to Gen-z laziness and screen obsession.

I’m not usually a fan of government regulation but in the case of TikTok I think our data, our privacy and our sanity would be spared if it was poof..gone!

Let’s put down our phones and actually live life, instead of just posting stupid dances about it!

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