National Guard VAX Deadline

June 30 was the deadline for when our US National Guardsman were required to be COVID vaxxed.

Will those who stand their ground really be pushed out of the service?

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As of earlier this week, around 40,000 Army National Guard Soldiers have not been vaccinated- which could mean if they missed yesterday’s deadline- they could be forced out of service or unpaid.

Around 7,000 have sought exemptions, mostly on religious grounds.

It is unbelievable to me our military would essentially punish those who are willing to FIGHT AND DIE for their country and communities simply for refusing the jab.

The Pentagon has vowed the federal government won’t pay unvaccinated guard members after June 30, though it may vary based on the state of duty.

The COVID vaccine mandate is the most useless mandate of all. The vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission, so why is it being forced on people- let alone those who protect and defend our nation?

These brave men and women could be forced to forfeit their military career over this!

Let’s hope our Commander-in-Chief comes out of vacation and into his senses and puts a stop to this!

Our service members deserve better.

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