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Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) joined the Guy Benson Show to react to the tragic deaths of 50 migrants found dead in a tractor trailer in what was believe to have been a failed human smuggling attempt. The bodies were found in a semi-truck in San Antonio Texas, not far from the southern border.

Congressman Brady blasted Biden over his administration’s border and immigration policies by saying,

“Yeah, this is not the first time it’s happened, but this one, I think is particularly tragic. Now, 50 bodies in the whole trailer was crammed in. An abandoned driver took off and just abandoned in that he and I guess what to me, I do think the president bears responsibility here. There have been now 750 migrants who died on American soil during his term. That is tragically record levels for this. And no doubt here in Texas, we know it is due to his open borders.”

Congressman brady added,

“I just think it is terribly cruel for the president to keep ignoring what’s happening on American soil here in the border states and around the country as well. And here we’re seeing really senseless death. And I just think the president should step up, take responsibility, come to the border with some real solutions. But but he’s not about to do that. And I think that’s another tragic.”