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Charles Hurt, Opinion editor at the Washington Times and Fox News Contributor joined the Guy Benson Show to react to Hillary Clinton’s comments lashing out oat Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas over the court’s reversal of Roe V. Wade.

Hurt slammed Clinton for her remarks by saying,

“You know, her entire you know, the past 20 years has been her mission in life, has been to become president. And she’s failed at that. Clarence Thomas has not failed at doing what he’s doing. And he sits atop the Supreme Court and is building an incredible legacy, an incredible bank of of important legal rulings that will be remembered for long after he’s gone. And she’ll be mainly remembered for having lost to Donald Trump in 2016.”

Hurt added,

“So I get why she’s bitter and she’s angry. But the racial undertones of her lashing out at Clarence Thomas and you know, it’s not just her. You know, we’ve seen it all over the left. These people going after Justice Thomas in the most racially charged language. That, good grief, if a Republican were doing that about a Democrat, the Republicans just put you know, they would just be silenced.”