On this episode, Jason shares his thoughts on Environmentally Sensitive Governances (ESGs), and how Congress ignores its significance in environmentally-focused business agreements. He also discusses his frustrations with mask mandates being forced on children under 4 years old.

Jason later highlights the stupid, sharing his confusion with the Washington Post’s decision to withhold and protect information regarding the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. He also congratulates the South Carolina Gamecocks Women’s Basketball team on their NCAA championship victory but critiques the team’s decision to opt-out of the Star-Spangled Banner at the start of the game.

Later,  Jason sits down with the Co-Anchor of America Reports on the FOX News Channel, John Roberts. John shares memories of his Canadian upbringing and his career journey from radio DJ, “J.D. Roberts” to renowned FOX News Anchor. John also shares the importance of discipline and limiting distractions that interrupt your ability to learn something new from life every day.

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