Dr. Marty Makary: Time to Reinstate Medical Workers Fired Over The Vaccine Mandate

Dr. Marty Makary spoke to Brian Kilmeade to discuss his Wall Street Journal article that shows a study by Johns Hopkins that looked at 295 people with natural immunity who were not vaccinated. Makary said the study found that natural immunity was strong nearly two years after the infection, meaning it is durable and effective and people with natural immunity have more durable immunity than the vaccinated. Makary says it is time to reinstate all medical workers fired under the vaccine mandate especially since many have natural immunity. Makary also weighed in on the controversy with the federal government taking away some of the monoclonal antibody treatments in Florida because they don’t work against the Omicron variant. Makary feels this is the heavy hand of the federal government reaching into the doctor’s office. Makary says there could still be the Delta variant floating around in Florida and doctors would want the ability to use the treatment since Delta is far more likely to make you sick.