Co-Host of “Outnumbered” and former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to react to President Biden cursing at Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy

Following the President’s meeting on Monday with the Competition Council and members of his Cabinet, Doocy asked him a question about inflation. Biden responded by saying a vulgar insult directed at the Fox News reporter, which was caught on a hot mic.  According to Doocy, Biden called him later in the day and apologized.

Kayleigh thinks this is another sign the President cannot deal with even the slightest bit of media scrutiny, something her former boss experienced on a much larger scale almost every day.

“Last week in the press conference that Biden gave, if Trump would have given half of those answers, there would not be a, ‘we’ll politely let you finish and then change the subject to another question’. He would have been screamed over by Jim Acosta, by Kaitlan Collins. It was not a diplomatic back-and-forth, it was an aggressive posture from the very beginning. We think you’re an agent of Russia. The whole press corps believes that and we’re going to shout over you if you say anything to the contrary. That’s the kind of demeanor President Trump entered his administration with. It’s totally different. Biden was given the benefit of the doubt, adulation, praise, no tough questions. Only now they’re feeling a tenth of the heat, a 1/100th I would say of what Trump felt. And they can’t take it.

Kayleigh also weighs in on the harmful consequences mask mandates and COVID-related measures in schools are having on kids across the country.

Later, Fox News contributor and media guru Joe Concha stops by to explain why he’s still holding out hope the Cincinnati Bengals can knock off the Kanas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. Plus, he and Jimmy debate whether the press is really starting to turn on Biden.

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