(Alexei Nikolsky, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

Mike Pompeo, former U.S. Secretary of State, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the latest on Ukraine. Pompeo believes Putin has sensed a feeble Biden Administration and has become embolden because of the debacle in Afghanistan. Pompeo is encouraged with the Pentagon putting 8,500 troops on heightened alert because the units are mostly transportation assistant which is important for Ukraine to be able to run logistics operations should Putin conduct a significant invasion. Pompeo points out that it is not just Russia becoming more embolden because of the Biden administrations weakness, we need to look at China and how Iran fired missiles into the United Arab Emirates over the past week. Pompeo says this is a result of the world coming to see an America that is on its back, an America that apologies and an America not prepared to do what it says it is going to do. On the Olympics, Pompeo says Xi Jinping will be using the event as a propaganda tool to make himself look like the nicest, sweetest man on the Earth, when in fact he is trying to be the global hegemonic and destroy the American way of life. When asked if he faults the IOC or America for participating in the Olympics in China, Pompeo says the IOC made a horrible mistake by creating this genocide Olympics and holding the Olympics in a place where there’s a million people sitting in internment camps. Pompeo says the United States had a responsibility to do what is right by its own people and they are putting in a really tough place having to deal with a massive security state that will spy on every move they make.

Pompeo also addressed a report in Axios that his political action committee spent $30,000 on media training fueling speculation he is looking to run for president. Pompeo says some parts of the story are not true. Pompeo said he does have a political action committee, but it is not about him, it is about helping others crush progressive liberals in November. Pompeo says he is focused on 2022 and prays republicans take the Senate & House. Pompeo says if that happens, then there’ll be a whole bunch of us try to figure out how to be impactful to preserve the American way of life in the years and months ahead.