The Biden administration has been facing pushback following their recent coronavirus vaccine mandate announcement that involves companies with more than 100-employess to require workers to show they are vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. The state of Arizona has already sued the administration over the mandate this week, pointing out that while U.S. citizens are required to be vaccinated, illegal immigrants crossing over from the southern border are not required to get the vaccine. Twenty-four state attorney generals are also threatening to take legal action over the mandates as well. FOX News Headline’s 24/7 anchor John Saucier spoke with FOX Business Correspondent Edward Lawrence about the mandates and how it will impact America’s workforce.

This week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was seen attending this year’s Met Gala, making a statement in a white gown with a bright red message at the back of it saying, “Tax The Rich.” While her dress definitely had a lot of people talking on both sides, she was also met with criticism for attending the event. Some even asking if she violated any ethics rules. FOX News Congressional Correspondents Aishah Hasnie and Chad Pergram discuss.