A brush with death nearly a decade ago convinced Chrisitan author Lee Strobel that he needed to find out about this thing called Heaven that his faith promised he would go to once life left his body. The one-time atheist journalist- turned Christian, is known for his investigative skills in researching Christian beliefs. It was because of his skeptical approach to ferreting out the facts of the faith that he became a believer in Jesus Christ. His book, “The Case for Christ,” is a best seller. Since then, he’s written several books on the same theme to explore Christianity’s claims. “The Case for a Creator,” and “The Case for Miracles” are a couple more. But now his latest offering is, “The Case for Heaven.” Strobel takes a hard look at this ethereal place asking, What is Heaven? Where is Heaven? Is Heaven a place or a state of mind? And what about Hell? The Bible talks about it being a place of fire and darkness where the Satan and his minions will suffer eternal damnation.  However, many theologians believe this ‘fire and darkness’ is only metaphor for the inner turmoil of being separated from God. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Strobel talks about what he has uncovered in his interviews with experts. Plus, he searches for answers through science about the nature of the soul. What is the soul? Can it be separated from your body? What about reincarnation and cremation? Are they consistent with Jesus’s teachings or opposed to them. And finally, could Near Death Experiences (NDR’s) be the clue to telling us about heaven… and hell? Strobel explores how this heavily researched and documented phenomenon shows convincing proof that Heaven exists, and so does Hell.