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Marc Thiessen, columnist at The Washington Post, a Fox News contributor and a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to talk about Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

Marc Thiessen sounded off saying,
“This is the worst debacle I’ve been in Washington since I arrived here in 1990, OK? And this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire career in Washington, the worst performance by the administration of any kind on any subject. And it’s just it’s just beyond me. I’ll tell you something, guy. I wrote a column in The Washington Post today. Joe Biden has no business showing up to Ground Zero on Saturday. This man who not surrender to our enemies who attacked us on 9/11 and not only did that, but did it dishonorably by leaving Americans behind enemy lines, knowingly lied to the American people about what was going on, on the ground, exposed our troops on the ground to security run by the Taliban and the Haqqani network and then scheduled the withdrawal for September 11 because not because of military considerations, because he said that required us to do it during the summer fighting season, but because he wanted to go to ground zero and use it as a political prop to say he ended the war 20 years after it was it was started in this place and instead it backfired on him. And it’s led and he’s turned a day of mourning and remembrance into a day of victory for our enemies. And it’s just absolutely the most shameful thing. That man has no business in Shanksville. He has no business at Ground Zero. He has no business at the Pentagon. He has disgraced our country and his presence will be a sacrilege.”