Dan Kitwood/PA Wire (Press Association via AP Images)

General David Petraeus (Ret), former Commander of US & Int’l Forces in Afghanistan, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Petraeus discussed how he was deployed in Bosnia at the time of the attacks and saw it unfold on television. Petraeus says we should recognize the handful of really exceptional CIA officers and Special Forces operators who worked with the Northern Alliance leaders to topple the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Petraeus, when discussing his command of the troop surge ordered by President Obama in Afghanistan, feels it is beyond debate that they accomplished the mission. Petraeus does feel it was wrong trying to keep our footprint in Afghanistan when we should have immediately put the right organization architecture on the ground and started to train the Afghan security forces very early on because we were always shooting behind the target relative to the to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Petraeus says with the job the military did along with the significant advances made in the intelligence community and law enforcement community, it is very unlikely an Islamist extremist organization could carry out anything remotely like the 9/11 attacks again.