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Martha MacCallum, executive editor & anchor of The Story 3pm ET & Fox News Politics co-anchor joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss the implications of reported new documents from the Wuhan virus lab that seem to contradict previous statements made by Dr. Anthony Fauci and others regarding gain-of-function research.

MacCallum had this to say,
“I mean, there are a couple of places in the world, North Carolina is one of them, Texas is one of them, and Wuhan China is the other, where this kind of gain of function research has been done. And in the most benign interpretation, it’s labs that are working with viruses that are that exist in nature and accelerating them, working with them in a lab to try to figure out, well, if we were confronted with something like this, how would we counteract it? How would we cure people if they were to get this? So that that’s the benign definition of gain of function to accelerate a virus, to have it spin off mutant versions and then figure out a way to treat them. And that’s my also very nonscientific, just based on what I have read on all of this over the past couple of years.”