The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance Tuesday, recommending that people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 should again wear masks indoors in areas of the U.S. where the virus is surging. The CDC also recommends that children wear masks this fall as they return to school for in-person learning. President Biden continues to urge Americans to be vaccinated as Delta variant cases continue to rise. This, as the White House continues its battle against coronavirus vaccine misinformation on social media, blaming it for vaccine hesitancy in America. Howard Kurtz, host of “MediaBUZZ” on the FOX News Channel and the Media BUZZMeter podcast, weighs in on the role social media platforms like Facebook play in vaccine misinformation, the debate over what misinformation is and where we draw the line with government involvement in determining what information people can or cannot see online.

According to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office, from April 2020 to March 2021 there were nearly 13 billion dollars in overpayments and fraud in unemployment benefits. The continuation of enhanced unemployment benefits has been a major topic of debate in the U.S. Some governors have opted out, insisting they discourage people from returning to the workforce. Many many on the left, including President Biden, have said businesses should simply pay their workers a more attractive wage. With the news of taxpayer funds being mismanaged to the tune of billions of dollars, many are looking for answers and solutions. Hillary Vaughn of Fox Business joins to discuss how the U.S. government overpaid in federal unemployment over the course of the pandemic, how criminals and scammers took advantage of the system to turn a profit and what lawmakers in Washington are doing to correct this mismanagement of federal resources.

Plus, commentary by FOX News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean