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The Media Buzzmeter

Howie Kurtz picks five stories from the most important, to the most entertaining, to the buzziest. And, he will sound off on what they tell us about the media culture. Are they fair, fascinating or a flop?

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Biden Sanctions Russia Over Navalny's Killing, Says It's Also for Ukraine War

Biden Team Leaks Border Crackdown Plan But Fears Liberal Backlash

Comer Says There May Be No Biden Impeachment Vote; Indicted Star Witness Fabricated Russian Contacts

Liberal Pundits Increasingly Say Biden Can't Win, Should Bow Out at the Convention

Trump Takes Massive Financial Hit in Civil Case, But Where Are the Victims?

Putin Called a Killer Over Alexei Navalny's Prison Death

White House Angry at Leaks About Russian Space Laser After Congressman's Move

Dems Flip George Santos Seat, Republicans Impeach Mayorkas

Trump SCOTUS Appeal Says If He Loses on Immunity, Presidency Will 'Cease to Exist'

The Most Dramatic Super Bowl Ever Makes Taylor Swift Ecstatic; Trump's Warning to NATO

Prosecutor Rips Biden's Memory, He Angrily Fights Back, But No Charges

Supreme Court Hears Trump Ballot Ban Case, Conservatives Openly Skeptical