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Dr. Manny Alvarez, Fox News Contributor and Senior Health Analyst joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss the CDC’s new masking guidance for vaccinated individuals.

Dr. Alvarez said,
“The messages are incredibly mixed. You know, the whole mandate of a mass for vaccinated people is, you know, really not justifiable whatsoever. You know, the facts are the facts. Vaccinated people are very well protected from hospital hospitalization, severe disease. And, you know, it allows them to feel free, you know, like PTSD all over again.”

Dr. Alvarez added,
“So this is just very, very poor management of how to deal with this problem. I think that this is going to backfire big on the president and it’s going to backfire big on the CDC all over again, as it did at the beginning of this whole fiasco. And, you know, I think the message should be very clear. Continue with the advocacy of vaccination, find ways to convince people in a normal way, find, you know, people you know, people that have gotten vaccinated and feel very good about it and continue with that positive education, positive education. The American people are very smart and they will make the right choice.”