On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC), who just won the endorsement of former President Trump for a U.S. Senate seat, explained why Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tolerates the comments of “The Squad” and why far-left Democrats are a danger to both parties.

“She’s trying to cover them up with Band-Aids so she can limp along for the next year and a half as Speaker, and then I imagine she’s done and they’re going to lose the majority in the House. Look, you have to engineer the win. You have to put the work in as Republicans to win. But we are set up because they have gone so far to the left. This is not your grandparents’ Democrat Party. This is not the John F. Kennedy party and the holdovers from that. This is the unhinged radical left taken over by the AOCs and the Ilhan Omar’s. So I imagine that folks are that are sentimentally attached to being a Democrat, they’re going to have to come and reckon with what they really believe and go ‘What stands for my family’s values, my area’s values. And what’s going to help me do great in my job?’ People are very concerned out there about things being taken over. And it’s not just Republicans that are concerned anymore. It is the middle of the Democrat Party to the right and Republicans that are very, very concerned.”