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Senator Marco Rubio of Florida joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss President Biden’s upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his 2022 senate challenger Val Demings.

Senator Rubio slammed his democratic challenger Val Demings saying,
“She’ll be formidable because she’s gonna raise a ton of money online. I mean, she’s going to post huge numbers, OK, so if that concerns people. I encourage them to go on my website and help me out. Number two, I haven’t heard her say anything because frankly, she’s been in Congress for five years. She hasn’t done anything, I don’t think she’s passed any meaningful legislation. I think she got something named and some sort of symbolic resolution about being tough on Russia or something. But that’s it. And so I look forward to that race. I don’t think she’s spoken out on this because frankly, I don’t think she ever speaks out on is the Trump stuff. I mean, just like everybody else.”