On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, former Trump adviser KT McFarland explains why President Biden’s advisers are not letting him have a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Biden’s probably not going to be allowed to answer any questions anyway, that’s why he’s not meeting alone. He’s meeting with his staff. And that’s the reason that Biden is not going to have a joint press conference with Putin after the meeting. Normally world leaders meet, afterwards they have a press conference. Each guy gets to talk to each guy, answers questions, but not in this case. And I think if I were Biden’s advisers, this is the advice I would give: Don’t you dare get on a stage next to Putin. He’s going to make you look old and feeble and you’re going to want to say all the bad things that Putin has done. And Putin is going to have an answer for every one of them. You can’t possibly look good next to Putin.”

“They are seeing a Joe Biden saying Vladimir Putin, he’s a killer, and yet the policies of Joe Biden are to let Russia hack into our critical infrastructure and screw up, for example, our energy and gasoline supplies. They’re letting the Russians put troops on the Ukraine border and kick ass out of the international waterway of the Black Sea. It’s letting Putin build a pipeline from Russia to China, delivering oil and natural gas, which will be a windfall profits for Putin. And yet, at the same time, American oil and natural gas, which we should be exporting to Europe, Biden’s shutting that down. So shutting down the American industry for energy and he’s encouraging the Russian industry for energy. So, again, words aren’t matching the deeds.”