On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich gave examples of how ineffective Vice President Kamala Harris has been as border czar and why the Biden administration’s immigration plan is affecting neighborhoods across the nation.

“Since she was appointed to be the border czar, they’ve done nothing. They’ve done absolutely nothing. She’s had pastries in Chicago. I think she’s visited New Hampshire, Vermont, I guess that’s a border state. And then she’s talking about giving three hundred and ten million dollars to the Central American countries. But she’s done nothing. And meanwhile, you have record amounts of fentanyl coming in. You have heroin being smuggled across our border. You literally have the Biden administration trying to systematically demolish ICE. And because of that, you have people not being deported that should be deported and you have criminals, literally, people that have been convicted of crimes that are being released from prison, state prisons, here in Arizona, elsewhere, that ICE isn’t picking up to deport. John F. Kennedy famously said in a decade he’s going to put a man on the moon. Biden now essentially is pledging to put a felon in everyone’s neighborhood by the end of this decade.”

“So bottom line is this. If you are the border czar, you need to get off your butt and actually do something.”