On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, “Outnumbered” Co-Host Emily Compagno discussed the negative effect the comments made by Maxine Waters and President Biden before the Chauvin verdict could had on the jury’s deliberations and society in general.

“If you are in a leadership, elected position, there is a way to amplify voices that might not have felt heard and to applaud the justice and justice system without taking away agency from the jurors, without weighing in while they are deliberating. And I think that’s sort of the issue that people are having that they’re calling out, especially Maxine Waters’ point of view, it’s that you are stoking a fire rather than deescalating. It is part of your reform that you’re calling for calls for de-escalation, why aren’t you practicing it? If you’re calling for safety and protective community, why aren’t you adding to that rather than framing those scenes in an especially already frayed community? And then for Biden, why are you weighing in, because he weighed in member twice while the jury is deliberating. Why are you taking away that agency and calling for a certain verdict to be had when they are upholding a really sacred duty? And I think there’s a way as a leader to acknowledge that, acknowledge all of the tragedies that this entire case represents while not drawing a line in the sand that alienates others.”