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Senator Marsha Blackburn, joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss Democrats push to expand the supreme court.

Senator Blackburn said,

“What they are trying to do is turn the Supreme Court into a super legislative body. And the liberals and the Democrats want to institutionalize Democratic control in Washington, D.C. One way they can do that is to have a super legislative court that is going to be partisan and take sides and will basically rubber stamp everything they want to do. So this is why they’re trying to add four justices. It’s why they want to term limit individuals on the court so that they can kick them off and then put liberals in their place and have a completely liberal court that is going to tilt to socialism and is going to support their nominees for these positions and will just rubber stamp any ridiculous bill that they pass. Things like this voter law, things like adding DC or Puerto Rico with state, they’re not going to give up on this. And it’s why we’re fighting it every single day.”