On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, civil right attorney and Fox News contributor Leo Terrell explained why the extreme left and Democratic politicians still had negative things to say about the criminal justice system even after the Derek Chauvin verdict.

“There are people who were upset with the verdict because they want chaos. There is profit in race baiting, I don’t want any names, Al Sharpton, Ben Crump. I saw those comments by Jason Johnson. He wants chaos because that keeps him viable. And we have Maxine Waters out there, she hasn’t passed any legislation, but the race card gets her attention. And no matter how many reforms, it’s not going to satisfy them because they believe in chaos. I’m talking about the extreme left, Antifa, Black Lives Matter. You cannot make criminals or extremists happy.”

“Why did Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make those outrageous comments yesterday? One word, power. They constantly play this race game, create dependency among people of color, keep them within the Democratic Party so they can accumulate power. It’s all about power. And that’s why they go out there and have the audacity to say systemic racism, systemic racism, institutionalized racism. They know people will react to that from the emotional standpoint, the term racism freezes people. It shakes down corporations for money and it creates power. And that’s why they did it and they’ll continue to do it.”