On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) discussed the controversy in Georgia over voter ID laws and why the Democratic Party seems to only want to talk about race.

“Racism is evil and racism divides. Right now we have a Democratic Party that all they can do is talk about race. The fact is, we just came out of four years of policies that had nothing to do with race, American policies that people put people back to work. The lowest unemployment history of our country for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, veterans. That’s what America is all about. Sports and the military has always been great, it brings us together like nothing else. You know why, because it’s all based on meritocracy. On the field of competition or in a war, you could care less about color, creed, religion. You want somebody you can trust, you can depend on, who’s gonna be there for you, has your back. And that’s what Americans have always done for each other. And we’ve been better at that every single generation up until now. Now we have this hard left. My Democratic friends understand we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with Marxism and Socialism, those who hate God and are using good hearted people, good hearted Democrats to run the agenda. So don’t allow them to hide behind your good hearts and destroy our country. We all have things in common. Our goal is, number one, is to make sure our kids have a much better future, that we run our businesses, we go to church when we want to and we can put our kids in school when we want and where we want to. If we understand that, and we realize it’s the hard left, the Marxists and Socialists that’s against everything we stand for, we can’t let them do that.”