CPAC, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, starts today in Orlando, Florida. On Sunday, former President Trump will take the stage for his first public address since leaving office. Congressman Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican, discusses what role the former President could play in the future and the blowback he received for criticizing Trump. Rep. Kinzinger also weighs in on what aspects of the Covid relief bill he supports and what he thinks the new administration should be doing in Afghanistan.

The Biden administration is facing backlash and being accused of hypocrisy following the decision to reopen a child migration detention facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas. The same facility was used in 2019 by the Trump administration, which received harsh criticism from then candidates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, for putting kids in cages. The White House defending the decision to reopen the facility, saying that it was only temporary and is needed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. FOX News White House Correspondent Kristin Fisher explains why the White House is saying it’s not the same as what the previous administration did. Deputy Director of the ACLU’s National Immigrants’ Rights Project, Lee Gelernt weighs in on the Biden administration’s decision and what alternatives it has to house these migrant children.

Plus, commentary by syndicated columnist Cal Thomas.