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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH), a West Point graduate, discussed the decision of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to order a pause to address white supremacy and extremism in the military.

"It's the whole cancel culture anywhere, everywhere. And just imagine if your workplace, whatever it was, say you worked at General Motors, and they were going to have a stand down for the same purposes. This is essentially, the new McCarthyism, woke culture. Anybody anywhere is going to condemn white supremacy. The question is not whether people have views, but what do they do with those views? And we've had challenges with race relations in the military. But frankly for our country, the military has led the way with race relations. So they were forced to integrate in a way back when that was controversial. But anyone that serves, people who serve in the military, it's like people that are athletes and play on good, strong sports teams the race barriers go away. And so I think just building a good, strong unit culture will inherently root out white supremacy. What they're looking for, the other litmus tests is the concern. So it might not be the intent of Secretary Austin, but it certainly has raised the concern. We've had constituents raise this concern that they're really trying to do a purge that's really an ideological purge. It's already not tolerated to discriminate on the basis of race, sex. I mean, the military has become this social project for progressives for a long time. But the idea that there is some still systemic racist place in the military, I think is is a narrative that isn't borne out by the facts."