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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean talks about Gov. Andrew Cuomo's "arrogance" and how his staff covered up the true numbers of nursing home deaths due to COVID.

"He's a bully. He's vengeful. The arrogance of this man has really no boundaries. While body bags are being piled up outside of nursing homes in March, April, May, he's going and writing a book about leadership in the middle of the pandemic and then promoting it as we still can't bury our loved ones or have funerals or wakes or not see them in. To this date, people are locked out of seeing their loved ones in nursing homes."

"It's disgusting. It's despicable. After all of these months, after thousands of families have lost their loved ones, she goes in there and apologizes to Democratic lawmakers for them being uncomfortable. You know what? I'm not surprised. In August, I was supposed to go speak on behalf of my family to a couple of hearings that they had on the nursing homes. And my invitation was rescinded because these Democratic lawmakers were uncomfortable with me appearing to tell my story. So it's corruption at its highest level. And I really do truly hope that there is justice."