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On Today's Guy Benson Show, Guy gave a fiery monologue on the Washington Post's scrubbing of unflattering Kamala Harris quotes from a previously published article.

Guy Benson Said,

"I would like to know the timeline of this and the decision making process behind this, and we still don't have those answers, right, if this happened. After she was selected as the vice presidential running mate during the campaign. Or even after Biden was elected, is that The Washington Post trying to make things a little bit smoother sailing for Kamala Harris and her ticket? Or the administration that. Is coming into office where she's the the number two, she's the vice president. What's the what's the possible justification for that for The Washington Post, right, democracy dies in darkness, they say, and here they are shoving into the darkness through this very sketchy method of it's not even journalism censorship. I don't know. You would call this. They're shoving this potentially troublesome or nettlesome, quote, series of quotes from Kamala Harris into the darkness with no explanation, presumably guessing that no one would notice."