Alan Dershowitz: Impeachment Trial Will Add To The Divisiveness Of The Country & The 2024 Election

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz explains why Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi is further dividing the country by having a second impeachment trial for former President Trump & why the former President can’t be held responsible for the actions on January 6th.

“That’s such nonsense thinking that. A trial like this will help heal our wounds? She knows better than that. She knows this is going to be extraordinarily divisive. You know, what’s going to happen is it’s going to be divisive for more years, because if by some chance, if they do convict and disqualify him from running in the future, the 2024 election will be seen as illegitimate by many Americans because they were deprived of their candidate by an unlawful, unconstitutional vote in the Senate. So this will just keep the divisiveness up for four more years. That’s the last thing we need is a country.”

“The devil made me do, Twinkie’s made me do it. Everybody made me do it but me. Many thousands of people listen to the speech. A small percentage of them actually went to the Capitol. A smaller percentage of them actually broke into the Capitol. An even smaller percentage of them destroyed property and an infinitesimally small percentage of them hurt and killed people. So just as a matter of common sense and logic, you can’t say the president incited them to do it. It’s not like shouting fire in a theater. When you shout fire, everybody runs out of the theater. Shouting fire is not a message to the brain or the mind. It’s a message to the legs of the adrenaline. You don’t think about it. It’s so insulting to an audience to say that the president incited that. Most of them didn’t follow what he said. And remember what he said. He said demonstrate peacefully and patriotically. He didn’t say break into the Capitol. He didn’t say kill a policeman. He didn’t say destroy property. He didn’t say steal Pelosi’s computer. He said peacefully and patriotically. You know, how many people in Washington have made that speech? Over the years saying go to the Capitol, confront them, show how strong we are. And in this case, the mob got out of control. They should be prosecuted. They should have no defense whatsoever. The president made me do it? You’re a grownup.”