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On today's Guy Benson Show, Donna Brazile, Former Chairwoman of the DNC & Fox News Contributor spoke about the impending impeachment trial in the senate of now former President Donald Trump.

Donna Brazile said,

"No time in the history of our republic, at least in my lifetime, has a president. The United States actually inspired an insurrection. I mean, the vice president's life was. Vice President Pence. I'm referring to, his life was in danger. The the speaker the House life was in danger. And all 435 members of the House and 100 members of the Senate. The reality is and if we don't hold president former President Trump responsible for this action. Now, he will have lawyers. His lawyers will get the briefs, his lawyers will have two weeks to prepare. And I am hopeful that this is conducted with some civility because this is not about scoring points, its about preserving and keeping our democracy."