House Democrats introduced an impeachment resolution against President Trump on Monday for incitement of an "insurrection," just days after the Capitol siege. Social media giants Twitter and Facebook have also banned the President from their platforms following the riot this week and Facebook and Instagram announced they will be removing content containing the phrase "stop the steal" ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's Inauguration. Martha MacCallum, anchor of The Story on the FOX News Channel weighs in on the criticism following big tech's decision to remove the President, what this means for free speech in America and why lawmakers are pushing to impeach President Trump again.

Despite the rollout of the vaccine, the coronavirus crisis continues to get worse. Nationwide this month, we have already had daily all-time highs in the number of deaths and in new Covid cases. Dr. Drew Pinsky, a board certified internist, TV host and podcaster discusses his experience with Covid-19, his concerns over lockdown policies and vaccine distribution and addresses remarks he made last spring that some say downplayed the virus.

Plus, commentary by Retired Staff Sergeant and FOX News Contributor Johnny Joey Jones.