Guy Benson opened The Guy Benson Show with a passionate opening monologue about the breaking news that New York City’s public schools will shut down for a second time over COVID cases spike. Benson called the move ‘Crazy’ and pointed out the confusion with New York government officials, Who seemed to be on different pages regarding the move to close schools. Guy said,

“They’re shutting schools in New York City where the positivity rate has been zero point two three percent as of this week among. One hundred and forty thousand students and faculty that have been tested. It’s nuts, it’s completely nuts. It is so harmful to these students. It is harmful to their parents who are now scrambling. People have no idea what the hell’s going on. So de Blasio was going to make this announcement, he tweeted it already. He was going to make this announcement in person, he is now, I believe, if I’m not mistaken, four hours late to his own press conference. Governor Cuomo had a press conference just a little while ago where he started screaming at reporters who were asking him questions about this and contradicting de Blasio about the city positivity rate on covid-19. Now, Cuomo and de Blasio have been at loggerheads a few times before during covid, including in the early days, their dysfunction, their acrimony, their fighting, their incompetence, their stupidity. Led to a much worse disaster in New York than what needed to happen, what could have happened.”

Listen To The Full Monologue Below: