President Trump continues to legally challenge the results of the presidential election, but is delaying concession helping or hurting him and the future of the Republican Party? FOX News Contributors Marc Thiessen and Richard Fowler weigh in on this, the more than 3,000 uncounted ballots that turned up in Georgia, the coronavirus vaccine and more.

2,500 troops will be coming home because of President Trump's plan to reduce the U.S. forces overseas. That means 2,000 in Afghanistan and about 500 taken out of Iraq. There is a mix of reaction in Congress, from both political parties. Some critics fear this withdrawal will benefit terror groups like ISIS. Retired four-star General, Chairman of The Study of War and Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst General Jack Keane discusses his opinion on President Trump's announcement, what it will mean for the War on Terror and what foreign policy strategies we can expect from a Biden Administration.

Plus, commentary by Deroy Murdock, FOX News Contributor and Contributing Editor with National Review.