Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) spoke with Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson about the record gains made for Republican women in congress. Senator Blackburn said,

“This is the era of the conservative woman. And what you have is a very diverse group of women who all are in the center center right. And they are saying, hey, wait a minute, we don’t like what we see happening in this country. If you are pro-life, pro family, pro religion, pro-business, we’re tired of being told by the left that our opinion doesn’t count, that our voices ought not to be heard. And also, I think you’ve got women who have children who are looking at this and saying, hey, wait a minute, all of this cancel culture, all of this intellectual isolation that you people are exercising when you say you can only think one way, teachers and professors who are limiting debate because they do not want viewpoint diversity. You’ve got a lot of women who have said we’re done with this and this country is worth fighting for. The American dream is worth fighting for. Respecting people who have different viewpoints and different approaches to life is something that we should all do. So they’ve they signed up and they showed up. They ran and they won. And I’m thrilled.”

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