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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Contributor & Media Columnist for The Hill Joe Concha explains why he's concerned with the way Joe Biden is going to take questions from the media as President.

"The fact that this guy won, you never saw something lined up more perfectly. The pandemic keeps him in, you keep him in, he doesn't speak. He doesn't speak, that's better for him than when he does speak. There's a reason why he's never even got to the nomination or even close to it. Yeah. And now he's I guess you're president. The media part, he takes questions, and you know what he does? He has a staffer call on somebody. You're going to be leader of the free world and you're afraid of getting the wrong question? I'm sorry, I don't use this word very often but is he a coward? Do we have a coward running our country right now? I'm being serious."