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On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Trump 2020 Director of Communications Tim Murtaugh described what exactly the campaign is looking for when looking for examples of voter fraud and what kind of evidence they've presented.

"We do reference Dominion software in our Michigan lawsuit and we want access to it. We want to take a look at it and see what happened and also examine it in other counties. And if it's an issue, bring it to light in other states as well, because we are going to pursue that and see if there were votes flipped and these mistakes were made and they were not caught in other states. Remember, when we're talking about the voting machines and the software that is contained on those machines and indeed in Michigan, the paper ballots, we have witnesses who have signed sworn affidavits that they saw piles of ballots run through the scanners multiple times. We are not in possession of those items. We don't have those things. We need access to them. So when the media says you haven't provided any proof, we say we have provided eyewitnesses to bad behavior and things that obviously look wrong. We want to be able to examine it. And so I don't know what the media was talking about. If you remember right before the election, they said there's no fraud, there is no fraud in American elections. And now when we're pointing out these things and pointing out the dead people who voted, they said, well, that's you know, that's not enough. So which is that they have to tell us how much fraud is tolerable to the media. We say none."