You might call him the Billy Graham of the Catholic world. Fr. Patrick Peyton coined the phrase, “The family that prays together, stays together;” a dynamic message that energized Catholics and other Christians in the mid 20th Century. Fr. Peyton drew tens of thousands to his prayer crusades around the globe. Hollywood also, believe it or not, bowed to his calling. His radio show guest lineup was A listers of Tinsel Town’s elite like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Joan Crawford. It’s certainly not bad for a poor, uneducated Irish immigrant who began life in America working as a janitor at a Cathedral in Pennsylvania. Fr. Peyton experienced his own miraculous healing from Tuberculosis, through the power of prayer to the Lady of the Rosary. It ignited in him a passion for prayer and its power to heal the wounds of a person and a nation. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Fr. David Guffey will talk about this charismatic figure and the new documentary film he produced called, “Pray: The Story of Fr. Patrick Peyton.”