Brian Morgenstern: Democrats “Want You To Be Terrified” Of COVID

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, White House Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern explains who there are two different messages being presented on the coronavirus, one from President Trump and one from the Democrats.

“There’s two very distinct messages, very, very different messages. One, coming from the President, is we have hundreds of millions of tests deployed everywhere. We are protecting our vulnerable populations. We have treatments and vaccines coming to market faster than ever before. We are doing what we need. We have the Defense Production Act. We’ve used it over 100 times. We have PPE and personnel deployed all over the country to help protect people, the death rates of mortality rates are way, way, way down. The risks are just not what they used to be because of all the actions he’s taken. It’s time to safely reopen America. We understand there are still risks. We are not blind to those risks. But he is the one saying, we’ve done all these things. We’ve reduced the risks. We have to get on with our lives. And he’s doing it’s showing it by example, by going out and visiting with people. And when you see thousands or tens of thousands of people coming out to see him, that shows you that other people share his optimism, his belief in the resilience of the American people while the other side says they are just scared. They’re just terrified. And they want you to be terrified. And that is a horrible message.”