New York Republican Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis joins Fox Across America With guest host Paul Gleiser to explain how she’s pushing for accountability at Columbia University in response to the antisemitic┬ádemonstrations that have been allowed to take place on the school’s campus.

“Well, I’ve never thought we’d see this type of anti-Semitism on America’s campuses here in the United States, in particular in New York City, where we are the most diverse and welcoming city. We have the largest Jewish population in the world. And yet we’re seeing this type of anti-Semitism being allowed to fester. And it’s truly outrageous. And it’s why I’ve introduced legislation that would strip federal funding from these institutions that promote or allow these events to take place without accountability. When we met with the Jewish students, you should know that, you know, they’re seeing swastikas on the campus. They’re being subjected to that. They’re being spat on. They’re being called derogatory racial slurs. It is outrageous and is a fine, clear line, actually, between the, freedom of speech and anti-Semitism. And that is why I’ve called for the Columbia University president to resign because she can’t control the campus or keep her students safe.”

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