Howard Kurtz, host of Fox News Channel's "MediaBuzz" spoke with Fox News Radio's Guy Benson about the bombshell New York Post exposé about Hunter Biden. Saying "The Story Is Murky" and that "There Are Lots Still Lots Of Unanswered Questions About It." Kurtz also said,

"It's interesting to me that the Biden campaign, while denying some specifics, like the purported meeting with the bresma guy who was taking Hunter Biden for setting something up with his dad, hasn't denied the authenticity of these e-mails at the same time. You know, you couldn't write this. It's a bad Hollywood script. Blind computer shop owner operator. Somebody brings in it, thinks it's Hunter. And then you have this counterweight of reporting most recently by The Washington Post, Guy, Saying that the White House was warned by U.S. intelligence when Rudy Giuliani went to Ukraine the end of last year that he might be targeted for Russian disinformation. I'm not saying that this whole effort is Russian disinformation. I do not know. But when Rudy was quoted by The Daily Beast, they say, well, there's a 50/50 chance that the Ukrainian guy I dealt with was a Russian spy. That those odds are a bit high for my taste."

Listen To The Interview Below: