Fox News Radio's Guy Benson broke down the latest polls, early vote data and historic trends to see where the race for the White House stands 15 days out. Benson said,

"I want to talk about a piece that I wrote today at, taking a look at some of the polling and some of the data that's not necessarily in the polling and trying to assess where this race really stands. The reason that I wanted to focus on voter registration is as follows. There have been some real strides made from the Trump campaign, the Republican Party, in some really important states like Florida. Like Pennsylvania, like North Carolina, where they've worked very hard and they've cut into the Democrats advantage, and these are states that Trump won narrowly in some cases last time, actually all three were pretty narrow. And if the Republicans can increase their voter registration and make gains against the Democrats in the states that Trump has already won, that's obviously, in some respects, a good sign for a team Trump. There's also just to back this up, some analysis done by Wall Street firms. So one was, well, Wells Fargo, one was JP Morgan's chase. They looked and did analysis and found that this could be kind of a silent advantage for Donald Trump heading into this election. Or there are some signs that may not be showing up in the polls, including voter registration, including outperforming polls last time, which is what Trump did in some of these swing states, including some other trends like gun ownership and improved standing among African-Americans, especially men and Hispanics across the board. Those point potentially in the direction of Trump being in better shape than he would seem, certainly based on the national polls."

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