The November election is now just two weeks away. President Trump was making his final appeal to voters with rallies in Arizona, a key battleground state this year. Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden has no public events scheduled this week before the final Presidential debate. Bret Baier, anchor of Special Report on FOX News, weighs in on the race, how the two candidates are doing in swing states, the upcoming presidential debate and if the Hunter Biden email story will be a factor.

The Senate Judiciary Committee could vote Thursday to approve Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and send it to the full Senate. That would signal a final vote next week to put her on the Supreme Court. Jonathan Turley is a constitutional expert, a Fox News contributor and professor of public interest law at George Washington University. He discusses the Republicans’ next step in the confirmation process, the Democrats’ objections and how the Barrett confirmation differs from previous ones.

Plus, commentary by syndicated columnist and author of “America’s Expiration Date,” Cal Thomas.