On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News Radio host Guy Benson explained why Sen. Kamala Harris’ response to Vice President Pence’s question about whether Democrats want to add Justices to the Supreme Court featured “historical nonsense” about President Lincoln.

“It was a political play, a ruthless political play by Abe Lincoln at the time that Kamala Harris twisted into some fairy tale that fits her current position, which is different from her previous position, which is different than Joe Biden’s previous position. It was historical nonsense. She conflated adding seats to the Supreme Court to put their ideological leftists in there with just filling vacancies that exist like under the normal system. He filled the vacancies, which is literally what the system is supposed to be, and to cap it all off she’s like, to the Circuit Courts of Appeals, he hasn’t put any black people on. That is a complete non-sequitur out of nowhere, and he has put multiple people of color up, and you opposed all of them, Senator. So it’s just a complete nonsense answer from her.”