On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Trump 2020 Senior Adviser Lara Trump explained why the Trump campaign and President Trump would have concerns with a virtual debate with Joe Biden.

"I think good for him on calling their bluff here, This is ridiculous, a virtual debate? Look, we all know in the age of COVID, the virtual thing is very challenging. There's always a delay. So for anyone out there that has seen on television the uncomfortable delay in interviews where one person is talking, then there's like five seconds and then the other person picks up and they talk over each other. How can you accurately and adequately debate somebody whenever you have that going on? We know Joe Biden needs a teleprompter 99.9% of the time to keep this train of thought focused. Who's to say this guy is not going to have a teleprompter in front of him from the basement in a virtual debate? There are so many issues here. Not to mention the debate commission was the one at the very beginning when the Trump campaign said we need to have a fourth debate. They said we don't want to mess with the rules. We want to keep things exactly as they are. Oh, wait, except whenever we've had two debates now and we see that our candidates are losing, and by those candidates I mean Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are losing. We're going to try and change the game now. I don't think so. It doesn't make any sense. And I think good for the President for speaking up on this and saying, no, thank you. We will do in-person debates. There's no reason if he is cleared by doctors and doesn't have any sign of COVID, that they shouldn't be able to do that."