On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) talk about the Democratic attacks against Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett and whether anything will come out of the New York Times report on President Trump's taxes.

"You actually had a member of Congress, last week in a Judiciary Committee hearing, the sum of what he was saying is President Trump has simply appointed too many Catholics to federal judgeships. That kind of bigotry is not welcomed in this country. It is Americans of all stripes, left, right, middle, vacillating, not knowing, Fluid, political fluid, whatever. They don't like that kind of bigotry. They just doesn't work. And then they moved into the dude asking questions about her adoption of Haitian kids. Can you imagine anything more despicable than that? What a lowlife. And so those aren't working. So then they just go to Bill Maher saying she's a blankety-blank nut. You just move from the gutter into outer darkness with that one."

"Trump says it's all fake news. So it probably is. You know what? I'm totally uninterested in it. I'm totally uninterested. The last time taxes President Trump dribbled out, if you remember, thay said he's really bankrupt. He's really bankrupt. Then he turns out that the one tax report was he made over 400 million dollars in that year. I'd like to be bankrupt like that."