On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed why the Democrats will not attack Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett like they did Justice Kavanaugh and why the New York Times' report on President Trump's tax returns will come and go

"This is a traditionalist academic intellect whose views on human liberty and the Constitution are, even though she's only 48 and has only published maybe a dozen or so matters of import, whose views are well-known and well-established yet. I don't know what the Democrats are going to do. They can't go for her jugular the way they did for Justice Kavanaugh. She's a mother of seven. I know their personal behavior is pristine and extraordinary. The most aggressive attack dog on Justice Cavanaugh is now the Democrat's vice presidential nominee. Senator Kamala Harris is still on the Senate Judiciary Committee. So I don't know what she's going to do. I believe the Democrats have decided to keep their switchblades in their pockets."

"The President is going to claim not that he's a tax cheat, but that he's a genius. And as wealthy as he is, he manages to get away legally without paying all these taxes. I think it's embarrassing and humiliating. But he's got thick skin. It's embarrassment and humiliation lasts 36 hours and then it goes away."